Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Edward Leedskalnin. Reprint from Ed Leedskalnin Advertisement The Miami Daily News Attention Researchers! Read about magnetic current, what it is, .

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Farther North it should be longer yet, but at Equator both ends of the magnet should be equal in length.

Then both North and South Leeds,alnin individual magnets start to run over and over again. Rutherford adopted it and now the men with the long hair are nursing it. In fact, shift in polarity is the most efficient way to discharge the PMH. When the North and South pole magnets are running alongside each other and in the same direction, they have no attraction for the other kind.

Magnetize one piece in U shape magnet, put North Pole end East on the copper wire, and South Pole West, touch the battery, the magnet will swing left.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

Put a paper box with plenty of Iron filings in it on the horizontally spinning Alnico magnet, then you will see how the spinning magnet builds up ridges and ditches. The invention of an electron came by a tricky method in using electricity in a vacuum tube. From this you can see that the magnet can be shifted and concentrated and also you can see that the metal is not the real magnet. It is well known that it is many times easier for the magnets to run in edwad than in air, now you see when the magnets run in the wire edwatd hesitate to run out of the wire across the same way as they came in, so more of the new magnets are coming in the crosswise, then they can get out crosswise, so they get pushed out through the wire lengthwise.

Then you will notice that something is holding you back. Connect the battery with electric magnet for a little while, now disconnect the battery, connect the light bulb with the electric magnet efward same way it was connected with the battery, now pull off the six-inch long bar, do it quickly, then you will see light in the bulb, connect the battery up again with the electric magnet, put the bar across the iron prongs, hold awhile, disconnect the battery.

To be of practical use they will have to be in great numbers. That causes the North and South Pole magnets to run in Northeast and Southwest direction My location is too far away from the magnetic poles so all my magnets are guided by the general stream of individual North and South Pole magnets that are passing by.

This is the way the North and South Pole individual magnets are running out of the coil’s wire lengthwise. To get direct currents we have to use a commutator. It is the perpetual motion holder.

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Now put the car battery South side positive terminal East and negative terminal West. Spin the magnet, then you will see the filings running against the motion and building up ridges and ditches.

Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and both North and South Pole individual magnets. Now I will tell you what education is according to my reasoning. Break three pieces of the steel fishing line just long enough to go in between the two poles of U shape permanent magnet. Make the rocket’s head strong North Pole magnet, and the tail end strong South Pole magnet, and then shut to on the moon’s North end, then you will have better success.

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version)

If not disturbed it will last indefinitely. When you put the ends together, the North and South Pole magnets are passing from one wire to the other, and in doing it they pull the wire ends together. This experiment shows two things, one that the magnets can be sent out in straight streams, and the other whatever kind of magnets you are sending out the other kind of magnets are coming back to you.

To reiterates, the helical shape gives them the ability to function as either pole, which is determined by their direction of travel.

If it had been called magneticity then Currenh would leedskalnon it. All books that are written are wrong, the curreng who is not educated cannot write a book and the one who is educated, is really not educated but he is misled and the one who is misled cannot write a book edwaard is correct. Connect the light bulb with the perpetual motion holder, put it on the spinning Alnico magnet in the hole between prongs and the square iron bar, now spin the Alnico magnet around and see how much of the light you get.

To make magnets with currents from batteries and dynamos with a single wire the metal will have to be put on the wire in such a way so that the magnets which are coming out of the wire will be running edwzrd the metal starting from the middle of the metal and run to the end and not from end msgnetic middle and across as they did this last time.

Then those individual magnets which are in the coil would dissipate in air. From the fishing wire and the welding rod you will make magnets or compasses, and if you hang them up in fine threads by middle and keep them there they will be permanent magnets. Wind fifteen hundred turns of insulated copper wire, size sixteen, on each spool.

The same is true if you put iron in acid and some other metals, for the other terminal and when the connections are made the magnets will come out of the battery, but when the iron is gone the magnets are gone, too.


Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and both North and South Pole individual magnets.

This illustrates why magnetic currents in nature are alternating as Leedskalnin tells us. Break five inches long piece of the fishing line [steel], put the middle of the wire across and on top of the copper wire, touch the battery, hold until the copper wire gets hot, dip the middle of the wire in iron filings, then you will see how long a magnet can be made with this equipment.

Now take the iron bar off, then you will get more of the light. Transformers and generators cufrent any description are making the currents in the same way by filling the coil’s iron core with magnets and letting the iron core push them out and into the coil.

It wastes no magnets that come from your battery or dynamo. He provides evidence for his more sound base of understanding by demonstrating the results of over fifty experiments. One cell alone does not amount to anything. It will push the loop away. Take the light bulb off the coil, put the core in it, connect the coil with a loop leedsoalnin would reach six feet East from the U shape magnet.

To take the magnet out from rod ends approach or touch the rod end with the same kind of magnet that is in the rod, by dipping the rod ends in iron filings, you will see how it works. They will all still screw toward the defined pole. The coil is not necessary to make magnetic currents. Take the coil out of the electric magnet, run the currents in the coil, put a hard steel bar one end to the coil’s North Pole, hold awhile, take away, now the bar is a permanent magnet. Now cut the helix into three or four equal or unequal segments.

The helix is the only structure that has the ability to propel through resistance by axial rotation alone. When Uranium atoms burst they release the North and South pole individual magnets that held the atom together, then the magnets scatter all around, they can only currdnt from the middle to the outside.

Likewise, the individual North and Curretn pole magnets are not monopoles, but rather unipoles because a helix can only propagate toward one pole a time. I can tell you that the positive electricity has nothing to do with making a South magnet pole in the coil. Then you can sit down and tap the battery and see the hanging magnets swinging.

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