Provide smart search on your MVC site to enable your visitors to search through your pages, products or other objects on your site. Smart search is an. Kentico provides an index-based search solution, which allows users to search through the content of Providing smart search on MVC sites. Smart Search retrieves the appropriate data from the database and stores it in an index file using an easily searchable format. When website visitors submit a.

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Are they any content editable under the Form tab? If so, there should be result. Smart search runs on the Lucene.

smart search indexes

But no harm in checking this. Social Marketing Web Content Management. Rui Wang answered on November 1, Schedule Your Demo Now! David te Kloese answered on August 31, Here is screenshot on how to find the user running app pool in IIS.

Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico 10

Is this the reason no results are coming back now in my actual api search? These are very simple admin tasks. If amart in a cloud service, then make sure you’re not storing those files in blob storage or storage off of the website. Please, sign in to be able to submit a new answer.

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smart search indexes

I hope that’s not the case with you. Dynamically kenticoo via API, or from editable web parts? The scheduler is not running since the index previously did not built. The synonym search works by expanding all words in the search expression into a list of synonyms.

Searcch to your website can see results before submitting the search. When website visitors submit a search expression, the index is scanned instead of the raw data and the results are returned. The build number sounds like a custom build.

You have full control over the content of every search index. Make sure the indexed content include the blog section. But no matter how much time I wait, nothing seems to change and the indexes are not rebuilding.

Lastly, check the scheduled tasks. I believe the AmazonCache folder is only be used when defining web. Farah El Agha asked on October 30, Are there anything you can edit under the Page tab?

No thats what I meant when I said that it is not a web part structure, if we flip to to Page app, under Design tab, we cannot find anything to edit!

For the index I have selected a ‘pages crawler’ type and this eearch the admin IIS domain in the crawler settings. Support of Stemming Stemming is the removal of suffixes from words. Also, check whether you are using the scheduler to execute the tasks or not, this is pretty important to know. Are the pages behind login?


Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico 10

Kentico Makes Buying Easy. Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico Also, look into Even Log app to see if there are any error after you try to rebuild index.

Peter Mogilnitski answered on July 20, What the Experts Have to Say. Are they content entered within the Admin Emart The Smart search module returns results to visitors for words that are only approximate matches. Hi, What is the exact version including hotfix? Please note that I have created another index with other values and I tried to rebuild it after saving the changes but also the same result!

Where are you hosting this? If the fields are checked, can you check your other index that was created the page index, not page crawler type. Kentico also provides File Search Support built-in indexing of attached document content.