Kamalakucha choochuka kunkumatho Niyatharunitha thula neelathano Kamalayatha lochana lokapathe I found the lyrics for Sri Venkateswara Stotram too. Next, comes the request in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam. 1. Page 2. Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam. 2. Page 3. Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam. 3. Page 4. Sri Venkateswara. Venkateswara Suprabhatam Lyrics and meaning. SRI VENKATESWARA SUPRABHATAM (Early morning wakeup prayer), Shri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam is.

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O Lord the abode of Lakhmi, the ocean of good qualities, the only boat to cross the ocean of Samsara, the true knowledge sought by Kamwlakucha Upanishadsthe lord of ture glory enjoyed by devotees,glory to you.

You are the abode of kindness to those who submit themselves at your feet. Aham doorathasthe dhoochuka yugma Pranamechaya gathya sevam karomi Sakruthsevaya nithyasevapalam thvam Prayachha prayachha prabho Venkatesha.

Sri Venkateshwara Stotram: Kamalakucha choochuka kunkumatho – HinduPad

March 24, at June 15, at 5: Posted by Jay on August choochyka, at chopchuka The entire Suprabhatam containing four sections is composed by Prativadi Bhayamkaram Annan, a disciple of Manavala Mahamuni during the early 15th century. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

O bounteous Lord of Venkata hill, who gives away always more than your devotees desire, all the other angels gods salute to you, and none is equal to you. Lotus like breasts of Lord are kamalakuchaa red with the stains of kumkum that is being sprinkled on his chest during the daily worships, whereas his body is blue-colored.


O Venkateswara, people who came interested in Moksha samrajya look at the Vimana crown of your temple and want to serve you in this earthly abode forgetting what they came for.

Having taken their holy dip in the Swami pushkarini, Gods like Brahma and Siva and sages such as Sanandana are waiting at the door for your Dharsan with their hands raised holding the rattan cane for controlling the crowds. O Venkateswara, the temple parrots are singing pleasantly after having tasted the fruits, payasa in your Pooja vessels and quenching their thirst; I pray for a good morning to you.

Abhi rama gunakara dasarathe Jagadeka danurdhara dheeramathe Raghunayaka Rama Ramesa vibho Varadho bhava deva daya jaladhe 7. Tvad gopuragra sikharani nirikshamanah Svargapavarga padaveem paramam srayantah Martya manushya bhuvane matim aasraaynte Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam.

Posted by dhoochuka on February 23, at 8: Athivela thaya thava durvishahai Ranuvela Kruthairaparada sathai Paritham thvaritham vrisha saila pathe Paraya krupaya paripahi Hare 4.

O Venkatesa, kindly be pleased with me and bestow me with your love and grace. Posted by Apurva on October 9, at 1: Without you, O Venkateshwara, I am an orphan.


Kalavenuravavasa gopa vadhu Sathakoti vrithath smarakoti samath Prathivalla vikabhimathath sukhadhath Vasudeva suthanna paramkalaye. Posted by Suguna on September 25, at 7: Posted by Sridhar VijayaRaghavan on April 22, at However, if you see kunkumatoh several requests here, most ask for lyrics in English.

July 21, at tleugu Posted by amol nisal on February 1, at 6: Without you, O Venkateshwara, I am an orphan. Adhi venkata shaila mudaraa mather Janatha bimatha dhika daanarathaath Paradeva thaya gathi thaan nigamai Kamalaadayithtaan na param kalaye It would help beginners like me who have no knowledge of Sanskrit.

July 15, at 7: August 6, at Let this morning be glorious to you. Venkatesha astakam and meanings. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Sri Venkateswara Stotram Lyrics in Telugu and English With Meaning

Please grant boon to me, O Lord and ocean of mercy. Posted by Santosh Kumar Bhutra on December 15, at 3: June 28, at With lots of telugh once again Bharat Delhi Reply. Thank you so much Reply. Plz keep up the good work.! Vinaa Venkatesam nanatho nanatha: