A former Nigerian senator, Iyabo Obasanjo, on Saturday lambasted her detractors who are currently recirculating her letter to her father. Iyabo Obasanjo, the daughter of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has lambasted supporters of the Buhari administration for recycling a. Samuel Awoyinfa, Abeokuta The daughter of the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, has given support.

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The source of my information was my mother who, agitated, had called me, saying I should warn you as this was the rumour in the country.

By the way, how many are we? I am waiting for Nollywood to produce a film on it and call it “Open Letter”.

Let lead Nigeria to a destination, 14th Feb. One senior family member, refusing to be named for security reasons, said with all of Mr. As you yourself know, both in Abeokuta and Abuja I lived in your houses as a Senator. A week before your arrest, you had called me from Denmark and I had told you that you should be careful that the government was very offended by some of your statements and actions and may be planning to arrest or kill you as was occurring to many at the time.

Getting back to my mother, I still remember your beating her up continually when we were kids. Email required Address never made public.

Iyabo’s letter to OBJ

I believe you will tell her keep it up. The only way to reach you may be to make the public aware of some things. While the Senate was on the retreat in Ghana, the EFCC asked the House Committee to return the monies they received for their retreat and asked us in the Senate to return ours on our return which I refused, as it was already used for the purpose it was earmarked for in the budget that year letfer was to work on the National Health Bill. Hiding under freedom of information to insult the president is stupidity.

As I walked on with two other people, we saw crowds of people leaving iyab stadium.

This you did and I am grateful for because, working kyabo the kitchen and then the library at University of California, Davis and later, working on the IT desk and later as a Teaching Assistant at Cornell gave me valuable work ethics for life. Your so call father is the problem we Nigerians are having. Unlike you, I focus on the issues I have been given responsibility over and not on the leter of others.


The consequence of your bravado is history. This was the police man that died in my car that day.

Iyabo Obasanjo writes father, says: ‘Dear Daddy, you don’t own Nigeria – Vanguard News Nigeria

The American constitution itself is based on several theories and philosophies of governance available in the 18th century. I love my country! Previous Post Headmaster nabbed for raping 9-yr-old pupil in Bauchi. Nigeria is a nasty place lftter pushes people to lose their compass.

As iyano you brushed aside my comments, shouting on the phone that they cannot try anything and you will do and say as you please. I pray Nigeria survives your continual intervention in its affairs. This is one of the reasons we always push ohj instead of the image. However, other reports have emerged claiming that Senator Obasanjo has denied writing iyabbo letter. This back and forth has resulted in a confusing scenario with the most important question now being who wrote the letter?

She was said to have made this denial in a call to a radio station. Iyabo who forswore further political engagements in Nigeria denied any political motive for her missive, and described Nigeria as a country where her father and his ilk have helped to create a situation where smart, capable people bend down to imbeciles to survive.

This is one quality i find lacking wit ho oda regions in naija, however i still cant understand why iyabo will av to wait until now to reveal this. Jona i disown you. We had attended the same high school and university but she was there ten years earlier than I.

Some of the details of our life are public but the people choose to ignore it and pretended we enjoyed some largesse when you were President.

The nation was still trying to grasp the purpose of the letter which outrightly stated that the letter had no political undertones when the former Senator and PhD Holder announced that she had nothing to do with the letter nor had she written or sent the letter to anyone or organization.


You told me to go to the stadium and tell the people on the podium to announce that the Presidential candidate had taken ill that morning but the rest of the team, including you and the Vice-Presidential candidate would arrive shortly.

Money is everything and everything is money no dull moment indeed! Channels TV’s political correspondent, Seun Okin disclosed this on twitter some minutes ago. Iyabo Make a nasty comment by insulting The Ijaws.

As President you would listen to advice of people that never finished high school who would say anything to keep having access to you so as to make money over your children who loved you and genuinely wished you well. I refuse to believe! When I spoke to you, your outward attitude to the people of the country was that you were not interested in the third term and that it was others pushing it.

Of course, you are the great pretender, making people believe you have a good family life and a good relationship with your children but once in a while your pretence gets cracked.

People have learnt how to manipulate you by giving you what you crave. Everyone around for even a few minutes knows that the only thing you respond to is praise and worship of you. I asked why would anyone fly to Germany to treat a cold? Instead I went to the square and I was pushed and tossed by the crowd.

People ultimately get leaders that reflect them. The American constitution itself is based on several theories and philosophies of governance available in the 18th century. This site uses cookies: Look forward to looking into your web page for a second time.

There is law of causes and effects. GEJ is a disgrace to our entire nation at international level. Notify me of new comments via email.

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