ITF TAEKWON-DO SYLLABUS AND BELT GRADING REQUIREMENTS Download the individual belt rank curriculum sheets below White Belt; 10th Gup. training center that teaches traditional and authentic ITF Taekwon-do. Signifies innocence of the beginner who has no knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do. YELLOW. The ITF was founded on 22nd March The UKTA was founded in after TKD was formally introduced into the United Kingdom by Grandmaster Rhee Ki.

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Jump downward kick, jump twin side kick, jump split front kick Lower body Techniques: Intermediate 1-step sparring, free sparring, beginning semi-free sparring Self Defense: Unique Dance Academy Escuela especializada.

No new stances Blocks: Back fist strike, straight fingertip thrust, Inward knife hand strike Stances: Double forearm low push block, W-shape outer forearm block, X-fist pressing block Sparring: Intermediate 2-Step Sparring Self Defense: Jump hook, jump crescent, reverse turning kick, scissors take down, overhead kick Flying side kick over barriersMultiple Kicks – 4 techniques quadruple, combination, consecutive Strikes: Saju Jirugi, Saju Makgi Kicks: Obverse punch in a fixed stance Stances: Intermediate 3-Step Sparring Self Defense: Multiple kicks – 2 techniques double, combination, consecutivehook kick, skip hook kick, reverse hook kick, in to out crescent kick, Flying Side Kick Strikes: Jump side kick, downward kick, picking kick, side pushing kick, crescent kick tornado kickturning kick, leg sweeps Strikes: Solo and Partner Beginner 3 step sparring Self Defense: Multiple Kicks – 3 techniques triple, combination, consecutivejump twist kick, jump vertical kick, jump twin front kick, jump hook kick, jump back kick Strikes: Front snap kick, side kick, front rising kick Strikes: Turning kick leg check, front kick leg check, side kick leg check, side pressing kick Strikes: Twin Side Elbow Thrust Stances: Flat Fingertip Thrust Stances: Front Elbow Strike Stances: Beginner 3-step Sparring Self Defense: Arc hand, Crescent strike Stances: Beginning 1-step sparring, free sparring Self Defense: Upper Elbow Strike, Twin fist vertical punch, Twin fist upset punch, upset punch, vertical punch Stances: No New stances Blocks: Advanced 1-Step sparring, free sparring, free sparring, foot sparring Taek Kyon Self Defense: Advanced 3-Step Sparring Self Defense: Four knuckle punch, 2 knuckle hook punch, 2 finger spear Stances: Circular block Fundamental Movements: Overhead kick plus choice of hand and foot breaks.


Beginning 2-Step Sparring Self Defense: L-Stance, Walking Ready Blocks: