Set measures and limits. Distinguish things and then join them together. Deliberate and measure. Use your inner power to move people. Do not over or under. I Ching Hexagram One hesitates to ask others to accept the fatigue, so they finish the preparation with the most capable. 60 — Restrictive Regulations — HEXAGRAM NUMBER SIXTY RESTRICTIVE REGULATIONS. Other titles: Limitation, Restraint, Regulations, Articulating.

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We use gexagrama to ensure that we give you the best experience on hwxagrama website. Express things, reflect and stay in the center. This return of the spirit attracts a new fate. All content copyright iFate. We are reminded of the alchemical vessel which is hermetically sealed to prevent its contents from escaping before they have been transmuted into gold. In the skillful exercise of leadership, strong actions are balanced by mild and compassionate ones to achieve balance.

Water over a lake — the image of Restrictive Regulations. Without regulation there will be lament, but you cannot blame anyone.

I Ching Hexagram #60:

Aim for a middle way between discipline and freedom of spirit. Focus entirely on the needs of the work. You are involved in a great project. Step 2 Inner Center: Distinguish things and then join them together.

When one can feel with Goethe that “everything transient is but a symbol,” then meaning can be found not only in creativity, joy and love but also in impasse, suffering and conflict. Please select the chapter or hexagram below! He achieves regulation with ease. The Work then, cing a restrictive regulation of these autonomous forces — it is a limitation, a containment of the expression of instinct and desire. Painful regulation bodes ill if persisted in.


He knows what can be done and what cannot be. Painful discipline bodes ill if persisted in, but regret vanishes. Painful restraint — persistence brings misfortune! hexagrmaa

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #60 –

Line five is dynamic and in his correct place. If hexagramz is not moderate-like, then one will be sighing-like; there is no trouble. Do not come out of the inner door and hexabrama. But animals which live in pure nature never overdo anything, neither sex nor food nor anything else, because their patterns of behavior always impose the right measure and the moment to stop. Withered moderation ; determination is inauspicious; regret is gone.

An important point is made that these regulations must be adapted to the circumstances and not made too strict and severe.

Heaven and earth observe their regular cycles and complete the four seasons. If you go on, 6 will be exaltation. The first line, dynamic, shows its subject not quitting the courtyard outside his door. The Way is open.

60 Articulating JIE | I Ching: Mothering Change

Gather the armies and launch an expedition 7. In human affairs, the making of decisions and alliances necessarily implies limitation, for in choosing one path, another hxagrama be left behind. Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization.


Chng time to nurture your heart. There will be no error. Thus superior people determine measures and discuss various actions. The root of the word is bamboo: In influencing others you must become an example.

I Ching Hexagram 60

There is water above the marsh; this is Regulation. Learn the lessons and do what you have to do. At the outset, the man appreciates his own limitations and exercises judicious discretion in not pressing beyond them.

The man does not follow promulgated laws in his own activities. The restrictions of the Work are more often than not unpleasant and risky, constantly verging on some kind of an explosion. In this way, limitations serve your best interests. Severity can be imposed in specific circumstances, when the situation calls for it, but it must be specific in intent and limited in duration to be successful.

Accommodate and adapt yourself to the fixed hexagarma in the situation. The above hexagram interpretation is part of iFate’s award winning free online I-Ching readings. Discipline is developmental, but painful discipline is not to be held to.

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