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Originally a farmer, Viking Ragnar Lothbrok claims to be descended from the god Odin. As Ivar’s megalomania gudrjn and Ivar becomes more abusive of him, Hvitserk starts to question his desition.

Chinese slave belonging to Aslaug.

Ivar arrives to Harald’s kingdom seeking an ally to overthrow Lagertha. Ragnar’s second wife, claiming to be the daughter of the shieldmaiden and valkyrie Brynhildr and the dragonslayer Sigurd. Despite his reputation kulihc ruthlessness and brutality, he is a curious man prepared to learn about other cultures.

He is an early supporter of Ragnar and is murdered by earl Haraldson.

A Moorish orphan girl adopted by Helga. She is killed in battle. See below some of the creations our members have made in October: Posted by tinytoybox at 6: Eyvind and Rafarta’s son, who also joins Floki’s expedition to set up a colony.

After her death, Harald carries her earing around as remeberance and swears vengence of Lagertha. Harald initially becomes an ally to Ragnar during his second attempt at raiding Paris. He is killed by Thorgrim. Soon after she finds herself pregnant and induces Lagertha to kill her during battle. Below is an official lawyers opinion and will henceforth represent the official opinion of the owner of the Threadanimals yahoo and facebook groups.


Posted by Anita – AnniesGranny at 1: When Helga brings her to the sack of Ecbert’s villa, Tanaruz snaps and stabs Helga and then kills herself. Lists of Canadian television series characters Lists of drama television characters.

Gudrun Kulich Croxi Croc & the tasty flamingo (c)

Based on the semi-historical or legendary Harald Fairhair. When Lagertha is driven into exile in England, Ubbe becomes Alfred’s advisor and converts to christianity. She is later kidnapped by king Harald whom she marries. Based on the historical Egbert of Wessex. All creations done by our members in December has not been Santa’s, angels and reindeers. It is hard to believe it is possible to make something so small!

Meanwhile he makes an attempt at conquering Kattegat, but his force is defeated. Sunday, January 15, It’s not all about Christmas in December. The following is a list of characters that are, or at one time were, recurring guests on the series, listed in the order that they first appeared on the show. An Anglo-Saxon monk, originally serving at the monastery of Lindisfarne in Northumbria.

Gudrun Kulich | Ah┼čap boyama | Pinterest | Ornaments, Crochet and Christmas

Ragnar and Lagertha’s son, given his epithet by his father after his first battle with the Saxons. Ruler in Paris, he witnesses Ragnar’s attack on the city and later employs Rollo as a defender against Viking raids. Posted by deBBie at 1: She possesses a strategic mind and an urge to regain her power and influence, but grows to care for Ragnar and his family.


A violent and bold patriarch of a large family. Project Blue Book The Commanders. They are listed in the order that they first appeared on the show. He is eventually captured by Ivar who admires his skill as a warrior. CrochetNeedle Feltingthread bear. The following is a list of named characters who have had a relatively relevant story arc on the series.

When she refuses to provide him with more of the drug, Ragnar drowns her. When Astrid consents, they are married. Thursday, December 8, Fall Challenge – Owls! This year’s contest was slightly different than in year’s past. He hates christians and is motivated by getting to kill as many of them as possible. A noblewoman, Roland’s sister, and Count Odo’s mistress. Based on the legendary Aslaug. Vikings is inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrokone of the best-known legendary Norse heroes and notorious as the scourge of England and France.

Harald mourns the death of his wife and the child he belives was his and vows vengence on Lagertha. The fall challenge was a fun project: Killed by his brother Ivar after years of bullying.

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