The lifetime teaching of Dogen can be found in one phrase: Genjo koan, says Nishiari Bokusan, the late head of the Soto school. : Dogen’s Genjo Koan: Three Commentaries (): Eihei Dogen, Nishiari Bokusan, Shohaku Okamura, Shunryu Suzuki, Sojun Mel. When Eihei Dogen compiled Shobogenzo, his collection of essays, he put the Genjo Koan first. The Genjo Koan, written by Dogen for a lay person, is his.

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Zen in daily life

It is an unshakable teaching in the Buddha’s kian that death does not turn into birth. It gejjo not a matter of environment: This way and this place exist as reality because they are not great or small, because they are not related to ourselves or to the external world, and because they do not exist already and they do appear in the present.

Because there are birds there is life; because there are genno there is life. To say that since the nature of wind is permanent one should not use a fan, and that one should feel the breeze even genio not using a fan, is not knowing permanence and not knowing the nature of the wind either. Further, some are continually enlightened beyond enlightenment but some add more and more illusion. Though the light [of the moon] is wide and great, it can be reflected in a foot or an inch of water.

When they realize one side, the other side is in darkness. It is only this: It is like going out in a boat in the middle of an ocean with no mountains. Some people continue to realize enlightenment beyond enlightenment. When we affirm one side, we are blind to the other side.

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But this great ocean is neither round nor square. When you do so, there is our practice. If one becomes intimate with practice and returns within [to the true self], the principle of the absence of self in all things is made clear.

The Rinzai sect especially emphasizes the Koan, but the Gennjo sect does not put too much stress on it. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Because the nature of wind is eternally present, the genko of Buddhism turns the earth to gold and ripens the rivers to ghee. If one attains this place, these daily activities manifest absolute reality. Driving ourselves to practice and experience millions of things and phenomena is delusion. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.

Genjo Koan | Suzuki Roshi Dharma Talks

In the sky, birds are life; and in the water, fish are life. To study the self is to forget the self. We don’t say that spring becomes summer.

A bird flies in the sky, and no matter how far it flies there is no end to the air. When millions of things and phenomena actively practice and experience ourselves, that is realization.

Those who have great realization of delusion are buddhas; those who are greatly deluded about realization are sentient beings. Those who enlighten their delusion are Buddhas; those deluded in enlightenment are all-beings. When you have still not fully klan the Dharma in body and mind you think it sufficient. The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in dewdrops on the grass, or even in one drop of water.

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When people seek the Dharma [outside themselves] they are immediately far removed from its true location. Life is an individual temporal state, death is an individual temporal state. This book is hard to put down. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

It is not square. Zen Master Hotetsu of Mt. When all things are just what they are [apart from discrimination], delusion and enlightenment exist, religious practice exists, birth exists, death exists, Buddhas exist, and ordinary beings exist.

People’s attaining enlightenment is like the moon reflected in egnjo. Each of us should work on our position. But when you keep your eyes closely on the boat, you can see that the boat moves.

thezensite: English Translations of Genjokoan

Mustering the [whole] mind-body and seeing forms, mustering the [whole] mind-body and hearing forms, we understand them intimately, but it is not like shapes being reflected in a mirror or like the moon being reflected in water. The experience of the ultimate state is realized at once, but a mystical something does not always manifest itself. Written by zen master Dogen Zenji translated by Prof. Life is its own time.

As the myriad things are without an abiding self, there is no delusion, no realization, no buddha, no sentient being, no birth and death.

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