Buy Fostex F A – Alnico/Fullrange online at » € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Fullrange. When I heard Fostex FA alnico full range driver first time I realized its great potential. Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been. Fostex 8” FULL RANGE Alnico magnet Foam surround 8 ohm impedance Frequency response from 30Hz to 20kHz 90 dB sensitivity Flange X mm .

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Audio Physic Avantera Plus Loudspeakers.

OR, think about the little Jordan JX53, which would be ideal, in their small sealed boxes, designed to be wall mounted. Klipsch Cornwall oak Updated. He offered to do something different, but I honestly couldn’t f20a of anything else that would reinforce, be at least the size of the driver, and look better. When you start with 2.

Home Marketplace Speakers Full-Range. The HT is for family use and must be very user friendly translate: But depth of recording venue shows up very well. Oh, maybe that was the more affordable FX Please note that due to current room and domestic restraints the speakers spend most their time almost tight against the walls of my 11 ft x 19 ft x 8 ft room with CD storage cabinet and equipment between them.

Nice folks to deal with. Bob was satisfied enough with the speakers that he was considering to add them to his web site as his third speaker offering, unfortunately he has heard that the Fostex FA and FA alnico drivers may be discountined soon.

Any good speaker must cover the entire audible range of the source. I know that there are many advocates of this combination around here, and would be interested to hear your thoughts, if you get the chance. So far, my favorite single driver is the pm2a Medallions, but I really can’t afford the drivers. But the bass is somehow different from anything I’ve heard before.


# beautiful goods!#Fostex F200A speaker pair set! box attaching

All I can say is that digital amps with singles are a conversion on the road to Damascus for me. Any line on where to find the drivers themselves? Logged Dmason Full Member Posts: BTW Bob used very little stuffing just enough to even out the frequency responsein fact the back fold of the line has no stuffing at all. The notch filter as JLM mentioned takes about db away from the speakers.

It must emulate as much as possible the single point source ideal. Wifey mentioned the other day that they were sounding good. As I go through my collection I continue to find new detail or deeper bass than I remembered.

And dynamics seem to have improved as well. It is affordable, and can do the 5. I cannot imagine what JLM’s outfit might sound like with a nice digital amp on it. Mid-range seemed very natural, highs were clear and imaging was pin-point.

My new Fostex FA MLTL speakers

In room on-axis response is essentially 25 — 20, Hz, with peaks reaching dB with 80 wpc inputs in a 2, cubic foot room without a whizzer. Dmason Martin King’s mass loaded transmission designs have been univerally praised. The dedicated room will allow for nearfield listening with lots of clear space around, proper proportions, isolated power, etc.

I patched it up and it’s visible only under certain angle. The HT implementation in these JVC’s is pretty good in my totally inexperienced opinion on the matter, but I do know that it uses a high speed Motorola chip for all that stuff, and it also has a couple of really nice, useable reverb tails, handy for adding some wetness to some of the older stuff, or as I use it for some rather dry, acoustic recordings.


A cone driver using a whizzer cone is not to be confused with a single driver. Maybe one of these days I’ll try a Fostex project For vocal and instrumental music, the Jordan pipe is pretty hard to beat in any way at any cost.

Speaker with Sound Anchor stand: From what I have read on the FA, they take sooo long to break in that probably there isn’t much point in coming to any conclusions good or bad before about six months of fairly regular play.

Mark, I’d really like to try a digital receiver as I could always use it to create a HT system if it didn’t pan out as a very good audio only amp. The panels around the driver are double thickness and braced with dowels producing a weight per cabinet in at about 70 pounds each.

Fostex F200A 8″ Full Range with Alnico magnet

The back of front panel behind driver is routed by 45 degree to allow the driver work freely. They had them in stock, no problem. Single driver speakers rule. Martin King’s mass loaded transmission designs have been univerally praised. Good luck, Mark in Canada.

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