Lev Nikolayevich Gumilyov was a Soviet historian, ethnologist, anthropologist and translator from Persian. He had a reputation for his highly non-orthodox theories of ethnogenesis . Москва: Наука. The Hsiung-nu in China (); Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere of Earth (); Ancient Rus and the Great Steppe (). This chapter discusses Gumilev’s theory of ethnogenesis. Generally speaking, ethnogenesis proceeded in the following manner. At certain historical moments. Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere of Earth has 98 ratings and 9 reviews.

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The rich, numerous population of these fertile oases could, without difficulty, feed the warlike nomads, the more so that the Uighurs, and later the Mongols, took on themselves the defense of their subjects against foreign enemies. The Greek word ethnos has many meanings in the dictionary, of which I have chosen one, viz.

Neither origin nor language, nor religious belief was required for that, but only courage and readiness to submit.

Conscious ethnic affiliation is consequently a universal phenomenon. And suddenly it’s all to no etnhogenesis book isn’t interesting! Ancient authors always wrote their works with a definite purpose and, as a rule, attached exaggerated importance to events that interested them.

Lev Gumilev. Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere. Introduction

Terrestrial gravitation has always existed but it needed the insight of Newton observing the fall of an apple from a branch for biosphsre to recognize its existence. The inductive way limits the historian’s opportunities to a simple or critical rendering of foreign words, the limit of the investigation moreover being distrust of the source. Return to Book Page. There is any number of such examples, but they all show that the ethnic affiliation discoverable in peoples’ consciousness is not a product of consciousness itself.


The outlook there was very gloomy. This country was very well known to Chinese, Greek, and Arab geographers; it was visited by Russian and West European travelers; archaeological excavations have been carried out in it many times; and everyone called it descriptively someway or other, but it did not have a name of its own.

It is easy to establish, for example, that deposits of silt have covered strata of loams, and consequently to note the existence of flooding, but it ethnogenewis impossible to say when it happened or 5 years ago. Here we meet religions that deny the existence not only of a divinity but also of the world around us.

Viosphere scholars represent the formation of ethnography as a science blosphere follows. One can only speak of uncompleted processes for purposes of forecasting, but for that ajd have to have a formula of regularity available – the same as the one we are looking for.

It is also not necessary to reduce the whole diversity of my theme to some one thing. On the other hand, preaching sometimes unites a group of people, which becomes an ethnos-the Sikhs in northwest India, for example, and the Ottoman Turks see above.

So Berg concluded, from historical works, that the conversion of cultivated land into desert was a consequence of wars. Ethnography was not topical for the mediaeval scholars of Western Europe.

Lev Gumilyov

Because the present is only a moment, instantaneously becoming the past. The forecast about the Eastern Empire proved to have as little truth.

That did not need much effort, incidentally, because in the eleventh century all peoples from the azure waters of the Biosphers of Marmara and the forested slopes of the Carpathians to the jungles of Bengal and the Great Wall of China spoke dialects of the Turkish language. Yet they were, and with no little success.


Lev Gumilyov – Wikipedia

So I am introducing the term ‘ethnosphere’ which, like other geographical phenomena, must have its teh patterns of development, different from the biological and the social. The abundance of initial information and the poor development of the principles of systematizing are felt particularly painfully in history and ethnography.

Narrow specialization is only useful as a means of accumulating knowledge.

The luxury of the capital was not for them. And, finally, it is tempting to consider tremendous historical events, like the Mongols’ campaigns of the thirteenth century, as migrations. Even if we understand the anthroposphere as the biomass, we must note two aspects of the phenomenon: The age of the ‘five hordes’ began there were actually All the visually gathered facts forced a logical conclusion-the ancient Central Asian culture had collapsed and there were no grounds for supposing it could revive.

The old ideology of the settled dwellers of this country was Buddhism in the Hinayana form ‘Lesser Way’ or ‘Lesser Vehicle’, i.

He was arrested by the NKVD in and released, but rearrested again and sentenced to five years in In pre-class society tribal or gentile unions, for example the Celts’ clans, were their analogue. And no one, other things being equal, rejects what instincts tell him.

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