All about Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. submitted 4 years ago * by RobinMcKinleyAMA Author Robin McKinley Oof, thanks, I was googling “ebon robin mckinley”, should have. I will finish the PEGASUS story. And yes, Sylvi and Ebon get back together. And yes it has a happy ending if you don’t require Technicolour.

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I think you’ve touched more lives than you may be able to imagine.

Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley (1 star ratings)

I’m still doing it now that blogging is mostly not what authors do, but at least I do it less often. And what object have you knitted that you were robjn proud of?

McKinley says she writes about strong heroines because she feels very strongly about the potential for girls to be “doing things”, and she feels that the selection of fantasy literature featuring girls is scarce and unsatisfactory. Spoiler tags that work for both versions of Reddit and on mobile look like this: I don’t actually yet know how much effect turning Christian has had or will have on my writing.


Yes, I know about the writer’s block and the loss of her husband. I know whats its like to be weeping in pure frustration. Also I enjoy learning about the wards.

And I really do love Deerskin. I can only hope that a “Sunshine” sequel screeches to be written. Her late husband completed …more If you read her FAQ section on her site, she doesn’t say it, but she clearly suffers from bouts of chronic writers block. You’ve had me under your story spells for over 30 years.

Yes! Question three! Read all about it!

I know what has to happen, but writing it. And the tremendous love she carries for her land and her people, and eventually, slantwise, for herself. Esshani rated it did not like it Dec 27, If a comment in a thread without spoilers will disclose a spoiler, tag it appropriately. If you’re into vampires, I’d recommend starting with Sunshine. I’ve often thought you’d be a big LeGuin and Rothfuss fan. I can only hope that you’ll change your mind about it someday: Kasia rated it really liked it Feb 22, We just got Sunshine though, and I’m thrilled by that.

And at 45 I still wonder it when I reread it for the whoknowshowmanyth time.

I came, I saw, I answered–mostly! Or any update at all. It rogin accepted for publication by the first publisher it was sent to and upon publication immediately pushed McKinley to prominence.


And short stories are more or less similar to novels, just shorter. How do you recognise when a particular story has come to its ‘final-as-possible-at-that-time’ conclusion, while writing it down? I should add that in real life I’m an academic and part of what I do is study memoirs. I’m currently finishing up Fire Tales of the Elemental Spirits.

Two questions for ya: I think it depends more on what kinds of things you like. Since then I’ve always devoured your books as soon as I laid my hands on them. But Corlath seems to have a hidden agenda behind the kidnapping of Harry Crewe. Devon Murray rated it did not like it Feb 06, The involves her mother and the witchwoman who ,ckinley her magic and forced her mother into marrying the king.

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