This command is not supported on DS models. commitflash Use this command to run DS CLI commands in the interactive, single-shot, or script mode. If that connection fails, the DS CLI attempts to connect to an existing DS® port with the legacy certificate. If the second attempt also fails, the DS CLI. Complete this task to configure the DS system for use with the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Replication Manager using the DS command-line interface.

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The diagsi command is an administrative utility command that a user with administrator or dw8000 operator authority can use for nonroutine diagnostic actions.

This command can also be used to display the performance metrics for an individual volume ID.

DSCLI – DS8000 Command Line Interface program Download

Es8000 the following steps to configure ds800 Ethernet cards and establish a connection with the IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication software program:. The lsnetworkport command displays a report that lists all network ports that are installed in the specified storage unit. The rmvolgrp command deletes existing volume groups from a storage image. This is a complete list of the command-line interface commands, alphabetized by command name.

The showvolgrp command displays detailed properties of a volume group. You can configure your Ethernet cards at any time.

IBM DS Series Version 8 Release 5 Command-Line Interface User’s Guide – United States

The chvolgrp command modifies a volume group name and volume members. Remote FlashCopy relationships exist on a vs8000 site, and can be queried issue lsremoteflash command from your local site. The cl command starts a point-in-time copy from source volumes to target volumes. Only a person who has administrator authority can invoke this command.

The lshosttype command displays a list of known hosts, their associated port profiles, address discovery, and logical block size values. The lsremoteflash command displays a list of remote FlashCopy relationships and status information for each FlashCopy relationship in the list. The rmremoteflash command removes a relationship between remote FlashCopy volume pairs.


Only the lower-numbered port, which is the top port on the card, is connected to ds80000 external IP network. CKD volumes are not displayed. The setcontactinfo DS command provides contact information for your storage system administrator.

IBM DS Command-Line Interface User’s Guide – United States

The chrank command assigns an unassigned rank to an extent pool, or removes an assigned rank from a extent pool. The rmauthpol command allows you to remove clj authentication policy. It is this port that must be configured.

Do not configure the second port on the card. The offloadfile command exports the specified set of data files. The chsession command allows you to modify a Global Mirror session. RG0 is predefined and cannot be created, deleted, or modified.

The chsestg command changes the space-efficient storage attributes for an extent pool. The resumepprc command resumes a remote mirror and copy formerly PPRC relationship for a volume pair. The closeproblem command modifies the status of a problem in the problem log file to closed.

The rmlcu command deletes existing logical control units. The rmrank command deletes ranks from a storage image. The chsp command modifies a storage complex for items such as notification of the Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP traps and email problem notification lists in a storage complex.

The lshostconnect command displays a list of host connections for a storage image and the status information for each host connection in the list. The mkresgrp command creates a resource group object on a storage image. The sendss command is used by a DS user with administrator authority to send previously created offloaded statesave files to IBM.

The Ethernet cards are 2-port cards. The managefbvol command initiates a change on fixed block FB volumes by executing a process.

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The setplex command allows you to modify de8000 storage complex settings. The mkfbvol command creates open systems fixed block FB volumes in a storage image. DS remote support and notification. The mksestg command creates space-efficient storage in an existing extent pool. The rmsession command closes an existing Global Mirror session. The chaccess command allows you d8s000 change one or more access settings of a hardware management console HMC.

The mkvolgrp command creates a volume group in a storage image. The managekeygrp command allows you to manage an encryption key group.

The chlss command modifies a logical subsystem. The showckdvol command displays fli properties of an individual count key data volume. The chckdvol command modifies the attributes that are associated with a count key data CKD base volume.

The chresgrp command is used to change a resource group object on a storage image. The showgmir command displays properties and performance metrics for a Global Mirror logical subsystem ID.

The managehostconnect command modifies the volume group assignment for a SCSI host port.

List of commands

The echo command allows you to specify whether the dscli will echo each specified command, or to display a user-specified string. The showuser command displays details for basic user accounts. The lsstgencl command displays a list of storage enclosures and status information for each enclosure in the list.

The lslcu command displays a list of logical control units LCUs for a storage image and status information for each logical control unit in the list. The showsp command displays a properties report for a storage complex. This command can also be used to display the performance metrics of a fixed block volume.