BP ENERGEAR HT 75W90, GL1/5, 1л. ₽. Количество. В корзину. Категория: Uncategorized. Описание; Отзывы (0). BP ENERGEAR HT 80W BP INTERNATIONAL, PANGBOURNE, READING/ GB. BP ENERGEAR SHX-M SAE 75W BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL. axles of modern pas sanger cars. Wed, 31 Oct GMT Synthetic. Limited-Slip Hypoid G ear. Oil SAE 75W – BP – BP. Energear HT grades are.

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Applications Turbinol oils can be used for the lubrication and cooling of bearings and gear boxes of steam, gas and water turbines and associated equipment, such as turbine governor systems, sealing oil systems, turbo-couplings as well as for the lubrication of turbo compressors.

Energrease LS 3 is suitable for severe vibration conditions. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. Energol TH-HT exceeds the performance neergear of the htt turbine oil specifications: Applications BP Turbo Oil is recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft helicopter types in commercial and military service. This reduces maintenance costs and down time. Applications For use as a transformer, switchgear and circuit breaker oil which conforms to the international specification IEC – Class 1, which is the equivalent to BS Bartran oils display high performance characteristics with outstanding ultra fine filterability.

Description Energol WM2 is a grade of white oil for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and plastics industry. Low volatility compared to mineral oil, reduces lubricant carry-over. Ukraine, Kiev View map. Bartran oils are suitable for a wide range of other applications requiring high levels of anti -wear and anti-oxidation performance e.

It is formulated to provide exceptional high temperature cleanliness in vapor mist and liquid film areas, as well as outstanding oxidative, thermal and hydrolytic stability.

Applications The Enersyn LPS lubricants possess physical and chemical properties that are highly suited to modern refrigeration equipment. Mannesman Rexroth Hydromatik piston pumps. The Energol RC-R oils meet the requirements of the following standards:. Applications Transcal N is primarily intended for use in non pressurised, closed liquid phase heating systems where oxidation of the oil cannot take place because contact with air has been prevented. Description A range of mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids conforming to the international classification ISO Type HM and offering a wide choice of viscosities.

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Oil BP Energear HT 75W-90 1L synthetics

Main Benefits Suitable for highly loaded applications Multi-purpose capability Long service life Resistance to water wash off Good pumpability Good shear stability and vibration resistance.

Energol TH-HT exceeds the performance requirements of the following turbine oil specifications:. They also have applications in plain bearings where the high base oil viscosities and high graphite content give additional protection. Applications Transcal LT is recommended primarily for non pressurized closed liquid-phase heating systems that incorporate both heating and cooling branches as, for example, where an exothermic or heat releasing reaction takes place.

Effective protection against corrosion, even in the presence of condensed water Wide operating temperature range. Special characteristics are reached thanks to a selective combination of synthetic basic oils. The chemical stability of the Energol LPT oils prevents them from reacting with the refrigerants used in refrigeration systems to form potentially disruptive breakdown products.

Description The Energrease LS-EP range are high quality lithium based greases incorporating solvent refined oils, an anti-wear additive, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for metal surfaces. BP Turbo Oil is approved against U.

Main Benefits – Highest degree of equipment protection – Extended oil life and improved tolerance of severe service conditions – Versatile range for other applications thus providing scope for rationalisation.

Water should never be used. Compatibility with standard seal materials and nonferrous metals. Description The Energol THB range has been developed to meet the lubrication requirements for turbines and turbo compressors where a mineral-based oil is required.

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Also for semiautomatic transmissions where pb Leyland spec E fluid is specified. Good water separation and demulsification characteristics means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and increased equipment reliability. The Bartran range is fully compatible with the enefgear materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as: Fully compatible with Energol RC -R mineral oils. Obligatory field is not filled.

They can be used in these applications where the operating temperatures are high, for example, vp gears on cement kilns and hh mills. Applications Energol WM oils are used for machine lubrication where, for reasons of hygiene, there is a possibility of contact with foodstuffs, medicines or cosmetics.

It is created for modern designs of automobile mechanical transmissions with the manual drive. It delivers excellent performance in bbp of wear protection, soot control, low temperature performance, engine cleanliness, oil consumption control combined with the potential for extended oil change intervals.

Outstanding load-carrying and anti-wear properties for superior protection against wear Good protection against rust and corrosion leading to longer equipment life, reduced downtime and reduced maintenance costs Reduced consumption and lower lubricant costs arising from the good adhesive nature of the product Minimal impact on the environment because of the absence of lead, nitrite and solvent Energol OGL is suitable for energeqr most arduous conditions and has excellent pumpability and sprayability giving improved lubrication and reduced energy consumption.

Oil BP Energear HT 75W 1L synthetics buy in Kiev

Turbinol grades fulfil the requirements of the following standards:. In addition, they contain additives to protect metal surfaces against corrosion and to suppress foaming, whilst retaining good air release properties.

Examples include modern electro-hydraulic control valves incorporating 0. Greases for electrical machines.