Birsa Movement was led by Birsa Munda in areas of modern Bihar and Jharkhand The Mundas were the frustrated tribal people who resorted. Though he lived a short span of life, Birsa Munda is known to have In recognition of his impact on the nationals movement, the state of. Birsa Munda National Institute of Tribal Research, Rourkela Birsa Munda is an outstanding representative of one such movement in late 19th century in.

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Narayanan, President of India The birth of Jharkhand state, its limitations and compromises notwithstanding, is in a way a beginning of fulfillment of dream that the legendary Birsa Munda had dreamt more than years ago. Movwment strict code of conduct was laid down: They said the Sun which they worship was above the Birsa was below ; later onit was given out that the he was Bhagwan himself.

Birsa Munda

Deputy commissioner Ranchi, vide letter no CR dated 12 nov reveals that tribals were made accused in 15 different criminal cases, out of which 63 were convicted.

During all waste lands in villages, the ownership of which was vested in the Government, were constituted into protected forests under the Indian Forest Act VII of After intensive preparations the Birsaites made a desperate bid to overthrow the British raj, burning and killing European officials and missionaries in Singhbhum and Ranchi.

In Singhbhum as in Palamau and Manbhum the forest settlement operations were launched and measures were taken to determine the rights of the forest-dwelling communities. It gave the adivasis a self-respect, taught them to fight fearlessly, and gave them a new meaning to their lives. Folklore refers to his rolling and playing in sand and dust with his friends, and his growing up strong and handsome in looks; he grazed sheep in the forest of Bohonda. Birsa Munda died in Ranchi Jail on 9 June through cholera.


At Kurmbda, Birsa’s elder brother, Komta, and his sister, Daskir, were born. He adopted the sacred thread, worshipped the tulsi plants. The army responded with movements and protests against the injustice and treachery of the British Raj. Anand Panre, a munshi to Jagmohan Singh.

The British colonial system intensified the transformation of the tribal agrarian system into feudal state. The Mundas, Oraonsand Kharias flocked to Chalkad to see the new prophet and to be cured of their ills. Many of the wounded were buried alive. He left Corbera in the wake of the mounting Sardar agitation.

Birsa Movement – General Knowledge Today

His struggle for democratic contents against the British and landlords. He was well versed into rudimentary form of Vaishnavism that prevailed in the area and with the Hindu epic-lores, and enjoyed some ibrsa and influence.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Birsa Munda. Today, in this centenary year of Birsa Munda, the people of India hail the great revolutionary traditions, of this heroic martyr, and pledge to continue that anti-feudal, anti-imperialist struggle, for the cause that was left incomplete.

Who was Birsa Munda?

He announced the reign of Munda Raj had begun. On his release he organised several meetings, declaring that the Mundas should put an end to the kingdom of demons the British. The colonialist connection of Christianity was a powerful tool of selling Christianity as the religion of the downtrodden. Later he received the proposal for marriage from two women; the daughter of Mathura Muda of Koensar and the wife of Jaga Munda of Jiuri, but refused to marry either of them.

Roy ‘s The Mundas and their Country [1]. The movement sought to assert rights of the Mundas as the real proprietors of the soil, and the expulsion of middlemen and the British. InBirsa had grown up into a strong young man, shrewd and intelligent and undertook the work of birssa the Dombari tank at Gorbera damaged by rains.


To bane the revolt of Birsa Munda and his fowollers ,the British administration declared a reward of Rs for the arrest of Birsa. The Pa Ranjith Interview”.

The movement eventually faded out after his sudden demise. The districts around Ranchi is still the stronghold of santhals. This in due time led to friction between the tribals and British administration.

Exciting moments of his childhood were spent on the akhara the village wrestling ground. He went to school at Salga, run by one Jaipal Nag. The British colonial system intensified the transformation of the tribal agrarian system into a feudal state. After realizing the fact that the British company arrived in India to torture the people and carry the wealth abroad, he started spreading awareness to expose the agenda of British and gathered his army of tribal.

Left Dharm prachar and came in politics.

Birsa’s claim to be a messenger of God and the founder of a new religion sounded preposterous to the missionaries. Outside the blocks lay the protected forest areas in which rights were mivement, even curtailed. It was said that he had super natural powers of turning the bullets into water; he knew the mantras to drive away the evil spirits, to cure the sick, to revive the dead.

From an early age, he developed an interest in playing the flute. Birsa was born in a house built of bamboo strips without a mud plaster or even a secure roof; a crop-sharer movemfnt ryot could not boast of a better house.