In the spirit of T.E. Lawrence, Wilfred Thesiger spent five years wandering the deserts of Arabia, producing Arabian Sands, ‘a memorial to a. Arabian Sands is Wilfred Thesiger’s record of his extraordinary journey through the parched “Empty Quarter” of Arabia. Educated at Eton and. THESIGER, Sir Wilfred Patrick. Arabian Sands. London: Spottiswoode, Ballantyne and Co Ltd for Longmans, Green and Co Ltd,

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I realized that the Bedu with whom I had lived and travelled, and in whose company I had found contentment, were doomed.

Yes, he would starve along with his fellow travelers as they survived on camel’s milk and nourish others when local practices require them to host their dinner to other travelers, allowing themselves to go hungry. Thesiger’s focus was on exploration which meant spending time in the desert with a small number of guides rather than on ethnography and his views reflect his reading and his general attitudes about civilisation he’s more sympathetic to the hard lives lived in extreme circumstances.

Lawrence never had it so rough. In these sentiments, it is hard not to detect a sanes of “noble savage” ideology and its accompanying veiled racism. Mild edge-wear with some creasing and rubbing along the folds and edges in places.

But where Thesiger really shines is in his description of the people, the Bedu or Bedointhe way they are as a people, their tribal culture, and their Islam, and his personal relationships with them. View all 14 comments. He was a man of deeds, not words; it took months of cajoling on the part of his friends to persuade him to write this book in which he recounts some of his adventures. But this region that is mostly Oman today has only existed as it is now for so short a period of time that the reality portrayed by Wilfred Thesiger, a British civil servant who used his day job to allow him to explore areas of the world mostly unknown to the West, is not so far distant as you might imagine.


He immersed himself into their life, sharing food and water, hardship and company.

Arabian Sands – Wilfred Thesiger – Google Books

The book has been Signed without dedication to the title page by the author. We were continuously pursued by tribesmen with females to be served. There was the occasional remark about the color of the dunes, and a some attempts at describing camels, the all-important ships of the desert. They had no tent; their only possessions were saddles, ropes, bowls, empty goatskins, and their rifles and daggers….

Tbesiger Bedouin lived on gossip bg therefore led their lives as though every single act was performed for everyone to see.

Travelling by foot and on camels with nomadic Bedouin tribes, he crossed and recrossed aboutmiles of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet. He feels an affinity for sandw, and as such forgives what others criticize.

If she gets up, gives you an thesigdr look, and marches off, you will know arabjan you are wasting your time Thesiger set his sights on the desert. The sands were governed by the ways of Bedouins and tribes and sheiks and sultans and the various alliances and enmities that existed.

A very fine copy with pictorial dust jacket chip to head of spine, light rubbing to foot of spine, price on flap unclipped. The author’s first book, arguably the greatest travelogue of the 20th century.

Publisher’s cloth, gilt and black lettered to spine, dust jacket, not price clipped. Slight fading to the spine, a very ssands copy. I put this book down and moved on eagerly to another. Regretfully, however, I realize that the maps I made helped others, with more material aims, to visit and corrupt a people whose spirit once lit the desert like a theziger.


Wilfred Thesiger was born a few centuries too late, given his enterprising spirit and his thirst for the pristine lands, untouched by human development. Jan 01, Trish rated it it was amazing Shelves: His position in the tribe, in fact, resembles that of a chairman of a committee meeting.

Sir Wilfred Thesiger: Arabian Sands, 1959. £195

The other thing that I wasn’t comfortable with was his disregard for the wishes of leaders to stay out of their region. Thesiger finds peace and contenment and spiritual solace among some of the poorest people in the world. I will get back to this. He understood the unusual role he had.

One of Thesiger’s biographers, Michael Asherwrote in The Guardian that “his description of the traditional life of the Bedu, Arabian Wildred[was] probably the finest book ever written about Arabia and a tribute to a world now lost forever. Fairmount Books Ltd Remainders.

Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger

Showing best matches Show all copies. Arabian Sands is Wilfred Thesiger’s record of his extraordinary journey through the parched “Empty Quarter” of Arabia.

There are three are several other passages I wish to share with you. There was a sheikh who liked to send out a dead goat every time he heard a desert wolf howl. I learnt to recognise a contented female camel: In addition, he traveled without required permission through lands belonging to Saudi Arabia which caused the group to be detained at one point.