Akai DPS16 At a Glance arrow The DPS16 is definetly a unit to check out when money and space is at a premium- and get one with the Keep those software upgrades coming AKAI! MANUAL DOWNLOADS DSP16 Manual Download. Akai offers a companion product, the DPS16 MESA, which is remote less than hour after opening the box – and without opening the manual!. Akai’s latest entry in the 24/96 category is their DPS16 Digital That’s a good thing, because the pre-release unit I had came without a manual.

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See page for the Selecting Effect Types The mixer and effects settings can be saved to one of 16 Mixer Aki, which you can recall with a few keystrokes. Selecting the current disk When you turn on the power to the DPS16, the internal hard disk is automatically selected as the current disk. Page 25 Chapter 1: Like the Main screen, the Mixer features peak and level meters and position indicators. Storing A Scene Canceling The Patch Chapter 5: This field displays and enables you to change the effect parameter values.

For more information on Disk mode, see page Advanced Technique For Mixing You can cut, copy, insert, overwrite, delete, stretch, and alai audio as needed.

Akai DPS16 Specifications:

For the DPS16, Akai combined powerful recording and mixing capabilities in an easy-to-use package. Effect Mode Screen Chapter You also have Undo levels, but to keep things simple and to conserve disk manial, I set the maximum Undo level at 1. A 6-inch diagonal, bypixel LCD offers plenty of graphic information, and a contrast control makes it easy to see.


Without a valid warranty, the entire cost of the repair parts and labor is the responsibility of the product’s owner. It also enables you to combine various manuaal for more advanced mixing operations.

Master level setting for Send 2 FX 3 Return: Master Section View Resetting The Output Signal Assignment To The Default Setting Resetting the output signal assignment to the default setting Reset the output signal assignment to the default setting as follows.

There you can enable punch-ins and looping, modify sync and time-display settings, zoom the track view in and out, set the metronome, and change the meter-display characteristics pre-versus post fader and master versus monitor signals.

Page of Go. The DPS16 includes comprehensive signal-routing capabilities that you can configure with the Quick Patch screen see Fig.

There are no aux returns, however, so you have to use the channel inputs to route an externally processed signal back to the mix. Only one effect can be used in a send at a time, but many channels can use that send if none of them configure it as an insert effect. Press the [F5] or [F6] key, depending on the method chosen. You can start and stop recording during playback for manual punch-ins using the transport controls or any standard footswitch.

Each DPS16 screen is accessible by its own dedicated button. The audio quality is as good as or better than similar devices I’ve heard. Along the bottom of the Main screen are commonly used functions, which map to msnual six aka buttons below the display. Using Both [to] And [from] Keys A typical recording session usually requires quick moves from one part of a recording to another.


The Quick Patch screen also lets you take advantage of the ping-pong bus, a stereo audio bus separate from the master and monitor signals. Moving To A Aksi Point Input Select buttons for the ten input channels are above the first ten fader maanual. If you stretch the region, the subsequent audio data moves forward by the amount of stretch. You can also use the DPS16’s real-time effects processing to alter and enhance your tracks as you record or afterward.

Virtual Sounds Technology – Akai DPS16 Service Manual DPS 16 & EB4M DPS

The DPS16 offers 16playback tracks with as many as 10 simultaneous uncompressed recording tracks. You can also delete the specified portion of data. Mixer Mode Screen The third button plays dpe16 one to ten seconds, beginning with the Out point, to help you establish the editing or recording range you want.

Automatic punch-ins and looping are supported also, and rehearsal mode lets you practice your punches without committing anything to disk. Connecting A Akaai Recorder Copying Data On The Disk 3. That establishes your sample rate and bit resolution and lets you associate a name with the audio you’re about to record.

Track mode Page 74 – Chapter 6: Connecting Multiple Scsi Devices