Hi Guys,. Is there any chance that someone out there has the Airfix 1/72 vulcan instructions and is willing to scan them and email a copy to me?. This is the “Vulcan to the Sky” boxing, see this thread for instructions relevant to the Falklands 25th Anniversary and regular boxings. Airfix Instruction Sheets available for free download.

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This is what is so great about the on-line world — you can ask a question and get numerous helpful answers. You cannot post new vulvan in this forum.

It’s not as brittle and seems quite workable. Today, there are a few left in museums, and a couple are technically airworthy.

1/72 Airfix Vulcan instructions – Cold War –

You can also solder brass etch together but then it can cause problems sometimes with warping of parts due to heat transfer. Register a new account. The Light Aircraft Grey undersides on these aircraft were repainted with rollers! I suppose one could scratchbuild FOD covers, but even then major seam work would be required to blend the pieces into the front edge of the wing.

NET This page was generated in 2. Since the kit that I built was an old MPC issue, the decals were immediately suspected of being of poor quality.

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Airfix Instruction Sheets

The demarcation lines are all hard, so I used drafting tape for the considerable masking required. I am having trouble with the etch. Thanks for taking the time to post the link.

When the two halves of a mould are pressed together, they should form a perfect seal. I groaned when I realized what had happened.

I instructikns coined one due to a real-life incident a few seconds ago Humprobability: More filling and sanding was needed to blend the intake in with the bottom of the wing before I did it all over again as the top fuselage half was glued on. XM developed pressurization problems and had to turn back.

BAe (Avro) Vulcan B Mk2 Airfix kit instruction – scale (No. )

Vhlcan this etch is very fiddley. Percevier with the etch it will be worth it. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Really looking forward to the start of your Vulcan build. You have to look for it and judges dobut the large delta wing planform works to my advantage with the casual observer. Don’t you have to do that anyway?

As the state of Soviet air defenses improved, it became more and more obvious to Western defense tacticians that sending a subsonic aircraft at high altitude into aerial combat was a sure fire way of not achieving success. I did precisely that, even applying the instrument panel decal. Panel lines are raised, and are inconsistently high in some places. Of course Bond steals off into the palm trees with his latest babe, Domino.


A friend of mine approached me as I was walking out of my model club meeting last December and handed me the kit actually the MPC boxing and said, “I know that you like iinstructions models. The rest of the airplane was going to be easy.

BAe (Avro) Vulcan B Mk2

Weathering was done sparingly as the RAF kept their showcase bombers very clean, plus the underside paint was brand new. There were a lot of elements about the kit that I liked. Gluing the tail section to the fuselage revealed more huge gaps, but since Unstructions was on a high from the air intakes, I chuckled as I just applied layer after layer of CA glue and sanded them out. I accented the panels by lightly running a sharp pencil next to the raised lines. Posted June 16, Instrudtions thought about it for three days, and was coincidentally helped by a rental of the film Thunderball.

A final coat of Polly Scale clear flat topped everything off. Three more Black Buck missions were flown, two of which included the firing of the Shrikes, with some success.

I just need to remove the fitting lugs once the glue has dried.