This paper compares the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and Axiomatic Design (AD). Both AD and TRIZ are briefly reviewed and their possible . Abstract: Axiomatic design (AD) and theory of inventive problem solving of the differences and similarities between AD and TRIZ. 2 Review of AD and TRIZ. reviewing the use of axiomatic design (AD) within a TRIZ framework and making based on application similarities and differences found in the literature.

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Design parameters that satisfy the functional requirements are defined in physical domain, and in process domain manufacturing variables define how the product will be produced. This approach also provides a consistent framework from which the metrics of design alternatives can be quantified.

Corollary 6 Largest Tolerance Specify the largest allowable tolerance in stating functional requirements. This means that two or more dependent FRs should be replaced by one equivalent FR. Not only should the shape be symmetrical wherever possible, but hole location and other features should be placed symmetrically to minimize the information required during manufacture and use.

TRIZ analytical tools, which include ARIZ, substance field analysis, contradiction analysis and required function analysis, are used for problem modeling, analysis and transformation. Each system is created to perform a certain function. This is part 1 of a 2-part article. In the product design, the creation or synthesis phase of design involves mapping the FRs in the functional domain to design parameters DPs in the physical domain.

The FR-to-DP mapping takes place over a number of levels of abstraction. The corollaries and theorems, which are direct consequences or are derived from the axioms, tend to have the flavor of design rules. The knowledge base tools are different from analytical tools in that they suggest the ways for transforming the system in the process of problem solving while analytical tools help change the problem statement [7].


Symmetrical parts promote symmetry in the manufacturing process. Typically, a function represents some action toward a certain objects, and this action is performed by another object.

The four-domain structure is schematically illustrated in figure 1.

During the mapping process, one should not violate the independence axiom described above. This situation can be modeled by a triangle whose corners represent objects and an action or interaction called a field. In this case, enhancing Su-field model is required to improve the system functions.

These techniques were derived designn the patent database, which relates to novel methods and unique ideas. These Standard Solutions are separated into five classes according to their objectives; the order of solutions within the classes reflects certain directions in the evolution of technological systems.

Decouple or separate parts or aspects of a solution if FRs are coupled or become interdependent in the proposed design.

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A and Suh N. Part 2 appeared in September, Then the definition for the information content given by equation 5 can be rewritten as in equation 6. Minimize the number of functional requirements and constraints.

Each of solution is a recommendation to make a specific change to a system for the purpose of eliminating technical contradictions. Very early in his research, Altshuller recognized that given a difficult problem, the ideality and ease of implementation of a particular solution could be substantially increased by utilizing various physical, chemical and geometric effects, thus a large dseign of database has been developed.


In equation 1 and 2[A] and [B] are called design matrix. Decisions made during the each step of design process will profoundly affect product quality and manufacturing productivity. The most part of TRIZ tools were created by means of careful research of the world patent database mainly in Russianso they have been evolved independent and separate from many of the design strategies developed outside Russia.

These analytical tools do not use every piece of information about the product where the problem resides.

These tools are developed based on the accumulated human innovation experience and the vast patent collection. Axiom 2 information axiom: The number of plausible solutions for any given set of FRs depends on the imagination and experience of the designer.

Since it becomes increasingly difficult to manufacture a product as the tolerance is reduced, more information is required to produce parts with tight tolerances. Successful innovative experience shows that both problem analysis and system transformations are important to problem solving.

A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic DesignThe Triz Journal

Support us If you like the TRIZ Journal, please help us by donating towards domain space, admin and technical support. Any deviation from the complete Su-field triangle, for example missing elements or occurring inefficient and undesired functions, reflects the existence of a problem. The Axiomatic Design approach to the execution of the above activities is based on the following key concepts: Editor On 19, Aug

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