Shop Lutterloh System, The golden rule at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing Plastic Sewing Tools Curve Shaped Measure Ruler for Sewing Dressmaking. Browse Lutterloh Products on Create and Craft USA. Lutterloh Ruler. BOOK ID: LopjQueORV2 || [BOOK] Free Lutterloh Ruler Pdf Download. July 9th, – The Golden Rule Lutterloh sewing patterns system Shop.

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We list them in the side bar on the right.

It might look odd but it should fit. I scan both pattern and picture from my Lutterloh book and print so I can write on it and use it fully. Do you already have an account?

One other consideration might be, is your pin moving from the center point of the pattern when you are measuring to mark your dots for the pattern?

I have just purchased the golden rule as it is new to the UK. May I copy the picture and show you how does my ready ruper piece look like?

An item that has been used previously. Unknown July 9, at There are the high-priced ones from seller who know what they’re doing, but I’ve seen a few vintage things at a low starting price too.

I leave the tack and tape in the pattern while I draw the outline. If not we will correct it. I cut out another vest this sadly is and my hip is I am studying the web sites, and will find a copy of Fit for Real People. It leaves the patterns free of allowances I’d have to cut out if I were changing things in the pattern.

Lutterloh pattern system | Vintage Fashion Guild Forums

Never had to alter a thing! May I ask if you are large busted?


But it’s a neat concept for anyone who’s proportions translate into different sizes in tops and bottoms It also adds length that often helps loosen up the side seams. Anonymous, This is easier than you think! These can be very handy. I’m in the UK and just bought the Lutterloh system, but the vest isn’t included.

Lutterloh pattern system

The slacks seamstress used the hip measurement to draft the waistline and then went back and checked it. This blog is amazing! Here it is all the pieces for the top front, back, neck facing, ruffled collar, sleeve They do not have seam luttsrloh or hems on them.

My vest turned out wonderful! I’ve barely 4″ between. We lutterlloh several posting about this. I won’t post it and we can carry this on by e-mail. Well, the modern patterns don’t look very exiciting, that’s what I thought too and the XL patterns are even worse – sorry, even when you wear a big size you look better if you don’t dress just in sack-shapes Any help would be appreciated.

The lutterloh sleeves are designed with well fitted forms. Pam from South Australia July 20, at Under this heading there’s a link to a Lutterloh site in New Zealand. Me I make a large bust adjustment with every pattern, adjust my shoulder mine slants a lot and I shorten the length from waist to hips When you say lowest drawing point you are on the bottom of a dress, skirt, top?


When you tape the pieces and line them up with your body you will see if any of the pattern is not lining up with grain. July 3, at I got them to fit but felt they were ho-hum. Yes, I made the upper part with bust measurement and the lower part with the hip one. The larger the bust the further from the bust point the dart should end. I have a collection of patterns from my years of tailoring. If you have one without arrows go to the top number see that the hole for rests under the number, at the end of the line.


It was easy and straight forward. Anonymous June 24, at There are lots of reviews on the many sewing books but I put my favorite one on this blog. If you’d like to read more please read the post “should I use the x-xx large system or the tradional system” listed near the bottom of the list on the right.

Also a double notch goes in the back and a single goes in the front. December 25, at Then put the pin in and start going around and making lutterrloh dots. The sleeves, collars and skirts on Lutterloh patterns should be interchangeable up to a point.

It has good basic 50s patterns for any occasion, for women, rulr and men and it’s called a “pattern drawing help for home or commecial use”. They have something like quarterly updates you can subscribe to. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller.