This is a page to introduce first Kendo Kata No.1, Ippon-me. It explains the meanings behind the kata. S T E P H E N D. Q U I N L A N. Nihon Kendo no Kata &. Kihon Bokuto Waza. K I N G S T O N K E N D O C L U B • M AY 1 9, 2 0 1 4. Kendo Principles V explains the Nippon Kendo Kata in details. It is a perfect source to learn the correct Kata for daily practices or last minute preparation for Dan.

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We all know that we use a shinai as a sword, so the direction of the blade hasuji is very important. Then there came a day when swords were replaced by shinai, or bamboo sticks, and it was mandatory for all Kendoka to wear dogu, or the protective gear. However, it is in the monotony that benefits of Kata lie, the primary advantage being developing a good sense of direction for striking and thrusting the sword.

I may be able to explain why after the introduction of the meaning of the kata No. Nihon Kata is also important in the sense that it aims to disarm the enemy without inflicting any mortal wound so that while the winner is in control, not a single drop of blood is shed and the opponents remain unharmed.

Kendo examinations typically consist of a demonstration of the applicants skill and for some dan grades, also a written exam.

If you think kata is only a set of forms and no benefits to you, please keep reading. Don’t worry about this too much if you are 2nd dan or below. We actually end our opponent’s life in Kata No. Timing attacks at regular intervals, perfecting body movements and adopting the right attitude that would facilitate flow of positive energy are some of the long-term benefits to be accrued from practicing Kata on a regular basis. Although a typical Kendo team comprises of three to five members, the competition is fought between two practitioners, meaning a single member from each team.


Kelowna Kendo Club

If you want to know how it should be done, this article, Breathing in Katamay help. Greg Reschke Instructor – Sandan Tel: Time and again, various sensei of Kendo have reiterated the importance of Kata training and that of Nihon Kata.

In this Kata, the first seven out of ten steps entail using bokken by both the teacher and the student while the last three call for using the tachi on behalf of the teacher and kodachi, meaning a short bokken, on part of the student. Ki may be translated into various English words; aura, internal energy, mental strength, energy flow and so on. Kendo Guide For Beginners Book. Circa was witness to Nihon Kata being incorporated into the school curriculum as form of compulsory kendo training and remains as such till this day.

kataa This is not something we understand without enough experience in kendo and life. Uchitachi takes another little step backwards. Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values with sporting-like physical elements. Also we all know what and how our partner will strike us and what and how we counterattack them.

Uchitachi is a role of a higher grade people since it is a ” teaching” position. The kyu numbering is in reverse order with 1-kyu ikkyu being the ,endo immediately below 1-dan.

Great Gift from Japan: Here is what happens Uchitachi takes hidari-jodan and shitachi takes migi-jodan. Every competition is presided over by three referees wherein each is armed with a red and white flag. You really will appreciate these hakama! Scoring in Kendo occurs by making an accurate strike or defending with a perfect thrust, maintaining a correct posture and fighting with a right attitude.

Importance of Kata in Kendo

I cannot remember whether or not I heard it directly from this sensei or from those who learned it from the sensei. Fall classes matas back in session. This episode is an answer to a great question by a long-time member, Ming. The blade of the sword is straight.

Kendo Kata

Comments Have your say about what you just read! However, since we do not have our bogu on and the movements are slower than shinai kendo, it is a good chance to learn these movements. You really will appreciate these hakama! We all must know how hakama bushu brand are made! This is the same as kendo.


Kendo Kata: Ippon-me

I contributed the English closed caption because I wanted you watch this! They are all decided. Great Gift from Japan: On the other hand, when the level of our ki is low, we feel weak and vulnerable. Contact If you are interested in learning more about kendo to see if it is a good fit for you, please feel free to come out and watch one of our training sessions.

This also can be learned through shinai kendo but it is a lot easier for most of us to see what is going on when wearing no bogu kafas. If you hold a lower rank than your partner and are practicing the uchitachi side, you have to be aware of the distance and timing to initiate moves.

Since the cut misses shitachiit goes all the way down. To begin with, it is kenxo only connection between ancient and contemporary Kendo.

Uchitachi must know the feeling of this.

I will introduce the benefits of kata. Also there is other footwork involved in kata so for many kata is very hard to learn. Nihon Kendo Kata Explained. They have an interpreter in the video so I don’t think I need to explain what is going on so I shared my view on this one. But shitachi avoids the cut by taking a kataw backwards onto the left foot and lifting both hands up, and cutting down uchitachi in half from the top of the head.