Intecont Tersus – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read for weighing tasks better than % Manual and/or automatic zero setting Full. The INTECONT Tersus weighing elec- tronics is specially tion module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and/or automatic zero setting. processes, the INTECONT Tersus meas- uring, control, and supervisory module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and automatic zero setting.

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Number of the parameters in the block Explanatory name of the parameters language-dependent Depending infecont the situation, individual parameters or groups of parameters may be faded out to highlight the parameters important to an application. The system operating company is fully respon-sible for the operating safety of the system. The setpoint entry field will only be active if the parameters permit entry with the operating panel.

Published on Oct View 2. Apply calibration weight Q1, start the scales and call up the zeroing program.


The full force Q acts on the load cells. EasyServe also allows mwnual scales data to be accessed by remote data transfer. Once the work is finished, they are to be applied in reverse order. Follow all instructions to prevent this from occurring. Call up the function Setup – Service Values a tachometer The output frequency of the tachometer generator has to be less than 3, Hz when the measurement is activated. Zero setting takes place with an empty belt conveyor with a program which runs automatically.

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This especially applies to alterations which could affect the operating safety of the system. In this case, L is computed as: Belt Speed 3 s P It contains all important nominal and calibration data acc. Function block Calibration CW: Alarms will shut down the scales, warnings will not. Abort Batch This function cancels a current batch and the conveying process is ended immediately.

Automatic 2 kg 5 kg 20 kg 50 kg kg kg itecont.

During office hours, service specialists from all divisions are on hand to analyze problems and failures. Moisture and HumidityMoisture amnual HumidityMoisture and HumidityMoisture and Humidity All scales parts, electrical components in particular, must be protected from moisture and humidity when the housing is opened for e.

The dimension data should be adapted to the Nominal Flow Rate. The test plug is available as an accessory. An additional belt circuit sensor and metallic marking flag in the belt enable the unit to record this impact and constantly correct it. Instead, it is provided for operational shutdown. The complete parameter list is printed out with the current readings using the Print Parameters function.

ingecont After taring, the total remains unchanged over one belt circuit with the empty belt. Disconnect load cell connector X7 and plug in the test connector instead The dimensioned resistances given result in the following service values: Belt Drift W1 P The operating modes can be selected with a dialog function.


The Nominal Belt Load calculated from the rated values functions internally. It can have a tereus effect on the weighing platform or via a lever system. Important configuration and calibration functions are secured via a password. VeVeVeVertical to the belt conveyorrtical to the belt conveyorrtical to the belt conveyorrtical to the belt conveyor 0 must be entered as angle a.

This is done by loading the weighing plat-form with a known calibration weight and automatically calculating the average platform load over one or several whole belt circuits. When it reaches the batch setpoint, the conveyor belt and material prefeeder are turned off and the feeding process is ended. The product is feed rate I. Observe, among other things, the following. Hidden parameters can only be shown with the EasyServe service software and they can also be cleared there for the dis-play on the unit wherever necessary.

The mea-suring displacement is approximately 0. The following conversion formula applies to the effective bridge length with single-roll weighbridges: Tare or zero 2.

There is the danger of injury if persons are in the area of the drives. Slip W1 P