Harry Lorayne has published numerous books and courses over the years, detailing all the techniques and memory tricks he’s invented, and showing people . I learned it from Harry Lorayne’s book “The Memory Book,” where he I would call the technique you described as ‘chaining’ in that there is no. Unleash the hidden power of your mind through Harry Lorayne and Jerry .. Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas explain why memory techniques work and how they.

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Jun 13, Nishant Nikhil rated it liked it.

Mnemonic major system – Wikipedia

Repetition and concentration using the ordinary memory is still required. In any case, once your 52 card system is second nature, use the basic Link Method or Peg System to remember long sequences of playing cards both in and out of order. For basic proficiency a large vocabulary of image words isn’t really necessary since, when the table above is reliably learned, it is easy to form your own words ad hoc. I only got one tip out of this book.

It turned out to be a little over a page and a half in a medium-size moleskine notebook, just for perspective on my gripes with the filler content. Next time we have a conversation, I promise I’ll remember! I got it; he is one of the best teachers, most interesting teachers in the university. Do you know Bob? This series of lectures was later published as Phreno-Mnemotechny or The Art of Memory in and his system received wide acclaim.

It takes time to create locations. So I assume you are a real genius with fantastic mental abilities. The system works on the principle that images can be remembered more easily than numbers. I was thinking about buying it to help my 11 year old son to improve his memory but was unsure if it would be too difficult for him and his Dad! If at any point you forget all or part of the chain, restrengthen it and start the process again from 1 day.

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Lower case script j tends to have a lower loop, like the numeral 6. Harry Lorayne is a prolific author of memory training books intended for the public, as well as writing books for professional magicians.

Just like the rest of my family who do not even have high school educations.

Example if you want to remember, mouse, aeroplane, chair. This is an example of combining the Major System with the peg system.

Label the horizontal x-axis with letters and the vertical y-axis with numbers. Mar 05, Fred Hughes rated it liked it. Lirayne just got finished studying the same Greek book for five minutes and I know for sure I will get a hundred on the test.

The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play

Nothing to it, a piece of cake, it was absolutely positively wonderful a fantastic fun time for me! Mary Anne here is a pencil and paper. I think the memory book was the first of his books I read and is a great read.

I tried so very hard to get a B but the test answers just would not stay in my head for the tests. Works for foreign languages, new words and new names etc. I remember my evenings in the dorm.

Then they would stop, look me in the eyes and say to me, hello scholar young. This is a mmeory primer to the easier techniques in mnemonics, and will allow you to learn a great deal about how to memorize large quantities of information, pretty much about any topic, with a little bit of creativity.


I was originally going to add “or you’re a dimwit” but upon reading it I’m entirely confident that I could teach these techniques to most average seven year olds – that’s literally how easy they techniquew. After all, I was the wizard of Oz scarecrow C student all through my first twelve years of school. The techniques above will help you harryy information quickly into memory. Also has lots of fluff.

He is well known for his mnemonic demonstrations and has appeared on numerous television shows including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. I do like the idea behind the book, and I think the method can be loraynw powerful for memorizing things. He is smiling, he believes me. Now with your list of one hundred things call out any number from one to a hundred.

My first twelve years of school I found to be impossibly difficult. The point of this book is, if not already evident, to help improve one’s memory. Honest From the very beginning readers are told memory systems take technkques, but they are possible and within everyone’s reach. Or worse, you think memorising things is pointless.