Aristotle, , Nicomachean Ethics, Books VIII and IX, M. Pakaluk (transl. Arystoteles, , Etyka eudemejska, W. Wróblewski (tłum.) 1, Glosy i ilustracje do „Etyki nikomachejskiej”, Kraków. Smolak, M., „Pierwszy paragraf siódmej księgi Etyki eudemjeskiej (, b18–b12) — wprowadzenie. stytucji, „Rzeczpospolita” 25 VIII Zob. także .. 30 Arystoteles, Etyka nikomachejska, b, przeł. Arystoteles, Etyka nikomachejska, a-b; por. rozważania wokół drugiego rozdziału siódmej księgi ” Etyki eudemejskiej” Aristotle (), Eudemian Ethics, Books I, II, and VIII, Transl. with a Commentary. by M. do „Etyki nikomachejskiej”, Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie. Smolak M. (), Przyjaźń w świetle etyki Arystotelesa, Kraków: Wydawnictwo .

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It is, at the same time, a proposition disseminating the most popular utilitarian-axiological justiication of the social fact in the form of the Jagiellonian idea.

Analiza i Egzystencja

Many of them may be found through careful analysis and the revival of practices, as well as more general ideas as those worked out as part of the huge baggage of historical experience in the cultural heritage of many nations and smaller cultural groups. Today, there is no government, nor power, nor property among the non-believers, for they are unit for these. Arystlteles na encyklopedia ilozoii. I wanted to remind the reader of all this history though by necessity in a sketchy and fragmented fash- ion of viik subjective thought in order to suggest that it may provide a good context for relection on problems that are both quite modern and not solely European.

In the general opinion of the period, the life of the lesh and satisfaction thereof are strongly opposed to truly Christian life, and man can only be fascinated with God through asceticism, directing his activity towards greater spiri- tual perfection.

Pragmatism opens up, therefore, new perspectives not necessarily including the area of research exclusively in the practical dimension but also vii simple usefulness. A similar type of process of reasoning was later used by the Spanish homists, headed by Francisco de Vitoria, defending the rights of Indians exterminated by the Spanish conquistadors.


In order to solve this problem, the limits of power and competence of the pope and emperor regarding the non-Christian world needed to be determined. Today, the so-called modern democracies existing within the structure of the European Union, unfortunately succumb constantly to this stereotype.

Wróblewski, Witold

Article 9 states that the recognition of cultural rights imposes on every person and community a special obligation, which, by responsible nikomacejska within the framework of democratic state structures, should identify and take into account the cultural dimension of human rights, with the prospect of enriching what is universal through what is diverse and contribute to the fact that each person, individually or in combination with others, she could have these rights [Art.

What is more, they do not have to be linked with a necessity for cohabitation in the same territory. It does not limit itself exclusively to learning about reality but also changing it.

All of this has a arystotepes signiicance for the contemporary understanding of intercultural competences essential in situations of cultural encounters and interactions. Yet, ness standards of four the biggest insurance companies in Po- the mentioned research proved the strong positive correlation land.

Wróblewski, Witold [WorldCat Identities]

Christianization by force had its origin in the policies of Charlemagne. In the sphere of interactive competence, the ability to see the common good above changing particularist interests, as well as the practical ield of multi-cultural policy, this period nikmachejska a level deserving of the greatest attention. In interpreting and assessing the existing social situation, the use of zrystoteles innate character of natural law may be observed, a law which is of divine origin as God encoded it into human consciousness and thoughts, although it did not have a sacred character.

Despite protests lodged at the papal court, the Order conducted a brutal policy of expansion and conversion by sword on neighbouring lands.

Choosing responsibility, the responsibility itself, they are already a certain degree of freedom. Here we reach the other experience, of fundamental nature for this paper — that of the phenomenological obviousness of shame as something that refers us to something still other, which in turn directs us towards the transcendental value of the human being. Even though the axiological I realizes itself as a ethka only in particular forms, it is still in its essence an irreal value.


Approximation can be reached Figure 2. However, if by interculturalism one understands the merging and coexistence of national and regional traditions, history, as well as viiii and moral values, it is undoubtedly a growing phenomenon, one which is currently spreading on a global scale. Cracovian practicism, as presented above, would require a careful accumulation of knowledge to be used in action, but in such a way that this action preserves 95 Ibid.

I, Lublinpp. National Cultures at the Grassroots Level, transl. Yet, the author uses other unit – mine. He is conditioned by the world, difused in everyday life, unable to change 22 K.

But also you need to reach for the wisdom to heaven Kazania sejmowe, pp. It is because of voii sense of duty that individuals limit their egotism.

Ada- mowski, Tadeusz Wallas, Ksenia Kakareko ed. Bibliography Moreover, the external evaluation of life insurance purchasing [1] J. Voluminous books would be needed for that purpose, one of which I have already authored and published, while others will hopefully soon follow.

It is an invitation to consider, as the eminent philosopher of the previous century, Edmund Husserl, proposed in his lectures on the subject of the crisis of European humanity, whether the humanities may become a remedy for nations and supranational communities ater the fashion of the natural scienceswhich would heal European nations.