Basic Rules and Regulations

1. Membership: Must be 18 years of age, attend at least 2 functions and have an interest in motorcycles.

2. Motorcycle Restrictions: Must be “Street Legal”, at least 250cc and Interstate Highway capable.

3. Dues: Family – $30.00 /year, Single – $20.00. Dues are paid annually in October. New members dues are prorated

4. Classels Colors: Colors are to be worn, large patch on the back of a non-frayed denim jacket or vest with nothing above it. Small patches may be worn on the front, sleeves, or any appropriate place in good taste. Colors should be worn at all official functions and rides (excepting Bike Week events).

Things not tolerated through out the year.

1. Drugs: The use of drugs will not be tolerated at any club function.

2. Alcohol: Drinking & driving is discouraged.